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Game and Venison Meat for the Modern Consumer

This review focuses on how game meat from southern Africa and venison that are increasingly being imported into Europe and the US addresses consumer issues as pertaining to production (wild, free range or intensive production) and harvesting methods, healthiness (chem- ical composition, particularly fatty acid composition), and traceability. 

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The new game-meat regulations will ensure that game meat that is sold commercially has been harvested and processed professionally, with independent inspection, which will present the consumer with a final product of far greater quality. 


How healthy is zebra meat?

Zebra are almost completely grazers that manage to survive on lower quality forage.  Zebra furthermore consume the older grass growth ahead of the other grazing species, so as to enable the selective grazing by other grazers (Hack et al., 2002). South Africa regularly harvests zebra for export.


Red Data Book of South African Mammals - Threat Levels

South Africa has been ranked the third most biologically diverse country on Earth based on an index of species diversity and endemism, and is one of 12 megadiverse countries which collectively contain more than two-thirds of global biodiversity...


Wilding the Farm or farming the wild

The narrative is situated within the con- text of a rise in environmental consciousness in the mid-twentieth century and the recent challenges that have faced the formal agricultural and pastoral sector in South Africa...

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