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State Veterinary Officers
Meat inspection at point of harvest
Requirements for residue monitoring
Other veterinary procedural notices applicable to the export of game meat
Registration of Game Farms for Export Status
Other Veterinary procedural notices applicable to the export of Game Meat
Registration of hunters for Export Status
Listing of approved hunters
Requirements for harvesting of Wild Game
Requirements for harvesting of Wild Game

Requirements for Residue Monitoring
  1. Refer to VPN/19 for the standard relating to the national residue-monitoring programme. In addition, the following must be adhered to:
    1. All withdrawal periods of Veterinary medicines must be adhered to.
    2. The GMI/GME, if not the same person than the team leader, must ensure that the following checks are done by the Team Leader on the farm before the game harvesting can proceed:
      • Check the registration certificate of the farm to establish if the farm has been registered with a negligible or low chemical residue risk.
      • If the farm is registered as negligible risk the Team Leader must confirm with the owner of the farm that he has not recently notified the PVA of any changes in the chemical risk profile on the farm as previously evaluated.
      • In case of negligible risk with no change in risk profile the hunting can proceed.
      • Where farms had been approved with low chemical residue risk the Team Leader will have to ensure, by viewing the Drug Stock and Treatment Registers that no game on the farm had been treated and is still within the withdrawal period of the drug.


Animal health certification
Certification of Origin of Partially Dressed Game Carcasses transported from the wild game farm to the abattoir
Checklist for harvesting inspection


Application for Registering of a game farm for export status
Inspection Report by Provincial State Veterinarian
Registration certificate for a farm for export
Example of format of data to be forwarded to the South African Ostrich Business Chamber and the National Directorate
Yearly stock report for all game on farm


Application for registration of a game harvester for the harvesting of wild game for export
Registration certificate for game harvester harvesting wild game for export
Harvesting program to the Provincial State Veterinarian
Application for registration as a Game Meat Inspector / Game Meat Examiner
Registration certificate for a Game Meat Inspector / Game Meat Examiner for harvesting wild game for export
Progressive Official Inspection Register
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